DJ Pompompom

DJ POMPOMPOM, a cape verdean geek and music lover, has been digging since she was a child. Influenced by the lusophone music her parents listen to and her own eclectic tastes, in 2019 she discovered a real passion for djing. Just 6 months later, she won her first contest. the doors of the afropunk festival opened to her: it was a hit. 

As much inspired by the queer community – to which she belongs – as a source of inspiration for it, she was invited to play at several pride events from 2019 onwards (Geneva, Marseille, Le Havre, Lyon). DJ POMPOMPOM creates unique sets featuring reggaeton, moombahton and dembow, among others. These are moments of musical liberation, where she blends her first musical loves with her latest discoveries to create moments of intense communion that will live long in the memory.