Mentoring & shadowing

As part of our larger consortium, we will be reaching out to our wide network of cultural professionals, festival organisers, and electronic music experts with whom we will be collaborating on webinars and speaking interventions as part of the networking component.

Our approach includes:

Mentorship Programs:

  • Engaging with our extensive network of cultural professionals, festival organizers, and electronic music experts to identify mentors who can provide valuable guidance and support
  • Pairing mentees with mentors based on their specific interests, goals, and areas of expertise
  • Facilitating regular mentor-mentee interactions, which may include one-on-one meetings, virtual communication, and feedback sessions

Shadowing Experiences:

  • Organizing shadowing opportunities where aspiring artists have the chance to observe and learn from peers and more experienced artists and professional
  • Facilitating immersive experiences that allow participants to gain firsthand knowledge of various aspects of the electronic music industry, such as production, event management, artist management, marketing, and more
  • Encouraging open dialogue and knowledge sharing during the shadowing experiences, creating a supportive learning environment

Online & offline discussions

  • Collaborating with our consortium partners, cultural professionals, festival organizers, and electronic music experts to organize webinars and panel discussions 
  • These sessions will provide a platform for industry professionals to share their experiences, insights, and expertise with a wider audience.
  • Topics covered may include career development strategies, industry trends, overcoming challenges, and fostering diversity and inclusion within the electronic music industry

Networking Opportunities:

  • Leveraging our consortium network to create networking opportunities for aspiring individuals to connect with industry professionals, fostering meaningful connections and potential collaborations
  • Organizing networking events, both in-person and virtual, where participants in the Bridging program can engage in discussions, share experiences, and expand their professional networks

Through our mentoring and shadowing initiatives, coupled with webinars and speaking interventions, we aim to facilitate knowledge transfer, inspire creativity, and provide valuable guidance for individuals pursuing careers in the electronic music industry. By connecting aspiring individuals with experienced professionals, we hope to foster a supportive and collaborative community that empowers talent and drives the industry forward.

Our Mentors & Partners

Sarah Perez from BeatsByGirls

Meet Sarah Perez, a talented sound designer and musician leading the BeatzByGirls France initiative. With her expertise, Sarah will be an invaluable asset to our project, accompanying participants across all three countries. She’ll collaborate with local artists, providing technical training during the artistic residency.

Sarah has an impressive track record, collaborating with La Fabrique on Sound Design masterclasses and serving as a sought-after mentor for emerging electronic music talent. Through BeatzByGirls, she organises workshops to empower women and girls in music technology, fostering confidence, skills, and connections within the industry.