About us

La Fabrique (TN), also known as Notre Culture D’Abord, is a non-profit organisation that focuses on promoting art and culture in Tunisia and beyond. La Fabrique is a community-driven platform that supports emerging artists and creatives, with a particular emphasis on women and non-binary individuals. The organisation achieves its goals through various methods, such as training, collaborations, digital expertise, networking, and research. La Fabrique has been active nationally, regionally, and internationally since 2013, using the power of arts, culture, and digital media to develop innovative solutions to complex global problems. The organisation aims to provide a holistic approach to sustainable development, support creative artists and culture practitioners, celebrate heritage diversity and intercultural dialogue, and advocate for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the arts.

TULLA (AL) – Culture Centre is a Creative Hub in Albania that connects social activism with art and culture to create higher social cohesion. TULLA provides marginalised groups with access to the arts, culture, and new technologies. TULLA is unique in Tirana due to its geographic placement, cultural context, and community requirements. The organisation has a unique funding model and is greatly connected throughout Albania. TULLA has initiated collaborations, created possibilities, and conducted educational non-formal programs for various groups, including youth, professionals, innovators, artists, activists, and CSOs.

AFRICOLOR (FR) is an organisation that produces the largest festival of creations around African music in France. The organisation also works on international cultural cooperation projects related to artistic circulation, women’s emancipation/empowerment, and intangible heritage. Africolor has demonstrated the capacity of culture as a tool for citizen mobilisation and professional integration, leading to the global development of societies. Africolor’s international projects aim to create an inclusive and accessible environment that promotes cultural exchange with today’s music.