The BCTO® is designed for DJs, producers, sound artists, sound producers and electronic musicians, musicians with digital music practices. It includes two (2) modules:

Module 1

7 days offline music and arts experience in Tunisia, France or Albania 

  • 7 days of artistic residency to collectively develop and master joint electronic music projects; Networking opportunities and meetings with music and arts professionals as well as a deep understanding of the cultural, social, and political context within the host country. 

Module 2

7 days of sound is a 7-day online sessions taking place one month after the first module 

  • You will gain artistic and industry management knowledge, learn from music experts, and receive one-to-one and collective mentoring sessions to advance your sound and electronic music projects; 

BCTO® Modules 1 & 2: 

  • Fully funded mobility for the BCTO® offline module including flights, accommodation and catering during the artistic residency
  • An award of 200 Euros will be given to those who successfully complete and participate in both BCTO® module
  • Selected participants in BCTO® will have the opportunity to join a high-potential, inclusive network and movement working towards creating a more inclusive music scene and safer audience environment.