Audience +

Focusing on women and gender minority artists is crucial to address the lack of representation and barriers they face in the music industry. At BriDJing, we believe audience development is key to fostering inclusivity and diversity. Reports like “Engage Audiences” emphasise the need for active audience participation in driving social change. We apply a gender-sensitive approach to bridge the gap between gender work and the public sphere, fostering an audience-centric approach within cultural and arts organisations.

Our commitment to audience development includes the partners’ organisation, artists and their production cycle, and the audience and their activities. We aim to address existing audiences, promote equality, diversity, and inclusion values, and create safe and gender-sensitive performing spaces and venues. By fostering inclusive attitudes and behaviours, we benefit womxn artists’ career development and create a more diverse music industry. 

Join us in shaping the future of electronic music in an inclusive space where everyone can thrive.