BriDJing Womxn

BriDJing is a cross-border EU project that focuses on promoting mid-career women and non-binary artists in the electronic music scene. The project’s acronym emphasises the importance of building bridges and cooperation to reduce gender inequalities and promote collective actions towards a safe and inclusive environment in the music industry at all levels. Despite progress made towards gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, women still face structural barriers to entering the market and advancing their careers based on equal chances and opportunities.

Three partners from different countries have joined forces to develop BriDJing, building on successful career development programs that focus on women DJs and electronic music producers in Europe. With a focus on social inclusion and audience dynamics, BriDJing aims to apply a comprehensive theory of social change to widen, deepen, and diversify audience interactions with electronic digital art curated by women artists. By doing so, we hope to activate more gender-sensitive visibility and safe sonic encounters for all.

BriDJing aims to pave the way for emerging and future artists in electronic music by accelerating their professionalisation, reducing entry barriers, and promoting positive models that encourage womxn’s full participation and contribution to the music industry between the North and the South. Through co-design, co-conceptualization, co-creation, and co-implementation of new approaches and methods that bring diversity and richness to the music and arts scene, BriDJing is committed to promoting equal opportunity practices and artist talent development and promotion based on merits, not gender.