BriDJing is proud to present the artists behind the project. All unique and all artistically intense, come and discover their journeys from the beginning of their passion to today and tomorrow.


Nordust, is an artist who shines like the sun in the night. She is the embodiment of a passionate and dedicated artist.  Nurtured by music and dance from an early age, she quickly found her place in the nightlife scene. Her primary vocation is to share her joy of life and groove on the dancefloors…

16 Nov 2023

Madame Ghorbelle

Souheila Ghorbel, works and lives in Tunis, Tunisia.  Better known as Madame Ghorbelle, she can be defined as  a multidisciplinary artist whose creative universe gravitates around music, video and snapshot photography. Through those medias,  she documents the struggles of her generation, having to cope with all the changes our modern world is undergoing. During daytime,…

16 Nov 2023

Queen V

Valentina Turatti , also known by her artistic name as Queen V was born in Italy on the 11th of december 1998.  Before being a DJ, Valentina was a dancer until the age of 20. Ever since she was a child, she has been passionate about music and thinks that a  life without music is…

16 Nov 2023

DJ Pompompom

DJ POMPOMPOM, a cape verdean geek and music lover, has been digging since she was a child. Influenced by the lusophone music her parents listen to and her own eclectic tastes, in 2019 she discovered a real passion for djing. Just 6 months later, she won her first contest. the doors of the afropunk festival…

16 Nov 2023

Digé M0m0

Digé M0m0 is an experimental journey in herself. Whether it is in her plastic art or in her music, everything is open to transformation. Her sets are real moments of innovative creation in which she leaves room for accidents. Like the multidisciplinary artists who inspire her – such as DJ Marcelle or Grimes – she…

16 Nov 2023


It is through the Revolution and Shaâbi, that Dorra -a Geneva based multidisciplinary Tunisian artist and fierce intersectional feminist, finds her inspiration and resonance.  Powerful in the musical and sociopolitical memory across the SWANA region -South West Asia and North Africa, Dorra is particularly interested in the lively encounter of shaâbi with contemporary musical genres,…

14 Nov 2023


Salma AKA FunkyKid is a Tunisian DJ and Music Producer based in Berlin. She plays hard fast  bouncy Techno and Trance at 150 BPM.  She is a resident at Voices Radio and a member of numerous associations gathering electronic music actors namely the Eclat Crew Collective, the Female:Pressure network and FEMENA network.  Recently, she started…

13 Nov 2023


DJ and producer based in Marseille, edna tries to make her many other facets and projects resonate in the same movement: researcher in art conservation chemistry, practicing kinky, mountain girl, clown…  After many years spent alternately getting closer to and distancing herself from mix and electronic music, it was an encounter with the queer/TPG techno…

13 Nov 2023


NYX first became interested in electronic music during childhood years, and later started her journey as a DJ at 24. Her favorite electronic subgenres to play and experiment with are Progressive House, Deep House and Deep tech, Organic, DownTempo, Melodic Techno and Minimal Techno.  NYX has been playing at different venues, and locally organized events…

05 Sep 2023


REA is an Albanian DJ and young producer based in Tirana. She started her career by experimenting with Organic Soundscapes and now she has been exploring even other genres of electronic such as Indie Dance; Progressive House and Melodic Techno. REA’s sets always give a hypnotic and yet powerful feeling while creating a cheerful and…

04 Sep 2023


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