Born and raised in Tirana, Klodeta Buzi has had an innate love for music from an early age. After completing her studies at the Conservatory of Music of Geneva, she further honed her skills at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. With an affinity for the piano and a passion for storytelling, she embarked on a solo career as a composer, releasing her debut album “Letting Go” in which she poignantly explored themes of loss. The beginning of her journey as a composer, she has since gone on to develop her “Short Musical Stories” project, which features 30 compositions across 30 days, each inspired by daily life, art, photography, and literature. Klodeta Buzi’s talents have been recognized across mediums, including television, advertisement, and children’s shows. Notably, she worked on the TV series “Snob” in 2021 and contributed to popular web shows such as “Hostel by Anabel”, “Kemi Njëri-Tjetrin,” and “Love Likes Tirana.” In addition to her creative pursuits, Buzi has also dedicated herself to music education, founding “Akademia Hollywood” in 2009, a music school in Tirana where she teaches piano and music and movement classes. Her style is a fusion of neoclassical and descriptive music, citing writers such as Borges, Cortazar, and Kundera as her influences. As a film composer, she also draws inspiration from the works of Francis Lai, Ennio Morricone, John Williams, and others. 

Buzi is currently organising a small tour around Albania to showcase her latest work, with plans to release 6-7 more singles from “Short Musical Stories” before unveiling the full album. With her unique blend of storytelling and music, she continues to captivate audiences in both her home country and beyond.