Career developement

Empower your artistic journey with valuable resources, guidance, and opportunities to nurture and advance your creative career. Explore growth possibilities for artists.

BriDJing aims to diversify the electronic music scene by actively supporting the career development of mid-career womxn DJs. Our tailored career development program focuses on empowering artists, while also collaborating with audiences and stakeholders to promote safe and inclusive experiences for all participants. We recognize the importance of creating a more inclusive society, providing equal and quality access to professional training, and facilitating lifelong learning exchanges.
Through our project design, we have synthesised our collective experiences, leveraged our professional expertise, and addressed the specific needs identified during interviews with DJs from different locations. The result is our flagship initiative, “BriDJing Career Take Off,” which serves as a platform for talent hosting, peer-to-peer feedback circles, and fostering connections among artists.

At BriDJing, we are dedicated to creating opportunities, fostering growth, and enhancing representation in the electronic music industry. By supporting the career development of womxn mid-career DJs and promoting inclusivity, we are driving positive change in the industry and cultivating a vibrant and diverse music scene.